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Dry Sanding Dust Extraction Systems

The portable dust extraction system collects the sanding dust in a container and the same can be disposed later. Handling and disposal of the sanding dust becomes easy making the work place clean and safe.

Model: Hunger

    • Suitable for dry sanding applications in both automotive bodyshops / garages
    • Carpentry works and industries
    • High suction capacity of 2.6 m3/min
    • Automatic on-off motor
    • Dual action sander
    • Simultaneous usage of dual sanders
    • Variable vacuum control
    • Long running filter
    • Thermal protection device: max. motor working heat 125 ° C
    • Low running costs
    • Ensures pollution free environment
    • HEPA filtration
S.No Specifications Portable Dust Extraction System – Hunger
1 Voltage 230 V / 50 HZ
2 Power Absorption 1.1 KW
3 Suction Capacity 2.6 m3/min
4 Tank Capacity 40 L
5 Max Vaccum 2200 mm H2O
6 Dimension 562 x 500 x 810 mm
  • Heavy Duty Suction ensures dust free environment
  • Automatic cleaning of filters ensures 100% efficiency everytime
  • Long running filters for low running costs.
  • Articulated arm provides panel with both pneumatic and electrical supply close to the working environment.

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